About Us

Since 1993, AIMS, Inc. has already deployed more than 10,000 workers to such destination as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan in the following job categories:

  • Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Medical Secretaries
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Industrial Mechanics
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanics
  • Telecommunication Riggers
  • Diesel Generator Technicians
  • Auto Electricians
  • AC Technicians
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Hotel Managers
  • Chefs
  • Cooks
  • Waiters
  • Waitresses
  • Housekeepers
  • Chambermaids
  • Bell boys
  • Accountants
  • Secretaries
  • Dairy Farm Workers
  • Decor Technicians
  • Gypsum Carvers
  • Construction Workers
  • Beauticians
  • Tailors
  • Caregivers
  • Drivers
  • Domestic Helpers

To date, foreign principals and employers continue to patronize AIMS, Inc. on account of its efficiency and professional work ethics. The company can readily be relied upon when sourcing for qualified applicants and it always has a viable timeline in deploying workers.

AIMS, Inc. continues to negotiate with foreign clients through its local and overseas contacts. It also secures manpower supply contracts through favorable referral from satisfied principals, employers and applicants.

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